Welcome to the new East Peoria Community High School homepage.

Over the coming months we will be updating our website and the full rollout will occur in January of 2015. We realize we have been lacking in updating our website and keeping up with current standards, so we are changing that. When the website is fully implemented in January of 2015, the website will not only be easier to navigate but also have more educational resources for the students.

Class Rings:

A Jostens Rep will be at East Peoria Comm HS to deliver your class ring on Wednesday, December 17th During Lunch! The Balance Due must be paid in full in order to receive your ring; you may bring cash or check that day or pay online prior to delivery day. Students on the JPAY Payment Plan will receive their ring! Any student may place an order for a class ring that day as well, or use it as a service day if you already have your class ring. Please contact Jostens with any questions.

Final Exam Schedule:

Click here to view the winter final exam schedule.

Military Lunch Visits:

The branches of the military will be present during the lunch hours the following two weeks in the 2014-15 school year. Week of October 14-17 and the week of March 2-7.

Senior Checklist:

All Seniors will have a “Senior Conference” with their counselor to discuss their plan for after high school whether it is to attend a 4 year college, community college, or technical school; join the military; or complete an apprenticeship program or on the job training. Counselors will assist in the steps needed for students to ensure their plan is in progress.Click here to download the checklist.

Computers & Internet available to EPCHS students after school hours:

Did you know your student can access computers and the internet even when EPCHS is closed? Through partnerships with Fondulac Library and Illinois Central College, students are able to use the computers at both those facilities. They do not have to be a member, and it is free of charge.

Please find information on Fondulac Library computer policies via this link: Fondulac Library

Please find information on Illinois Central College computer use policies via this link: Illinois Central College Library

Cafeteria Information:

EPCHS' Cafeteria Manager, Penny Stewart, has put together this cafeteria information sheet to assist parents and students.

School Supplies For Low-Income Families:

Tazwood Community Services is providing free school supplies to qualifying low-income families. More information can be found by clicking here, or calling (309)266-9941 or (309)694-4391.

2014-2015 Immunization Change:

In addition to the other required immunizations, the following are immunization changes for the school year 2014-2015 for incoming 9th grade students:

- show proof of having received two doses of varicella (chicken pox vaccine)

- show proof of having received two doses of live Mumps and live Rubella (two MMR's).

School Closings/One Call Now:

Any time EPCHS closes down due to severe weather, the administration will make an announcement available on this page. If you're not signed up for our One Call Now service please click here to sign up and receive phone calls regarding school closures.

NCLB Military Information:

EPCHS is required through the No Child Left Behind Act to provide a list of juniors and seniors to the military. If you do not want your child's information released, please contact Tricia Lambrich at 694-8320 or lambrtri@ep309.org.

District Stakeholder Update:

The 2013-2014 first quarter stakeholder update can be viewed by clicking here.

Dual Credit Information:

Information on EPCHS' dual credit program through ICC can be found by clicking here.

Email Alerts For Parents of Athletes:

If you have a child who is an athlete, please click here to sign up for instant email notifications regarding athletic announcements such as changes in games or practices. This is a great way to stay up to date with your child's activities.

District Strategic Plan:

Click here to view the District's Strategic Plan.