Booster Club

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Booster Club Meetings

The Athletic Booster Club holds monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of every month from 7PM to 8PM at the high school. These meetings foster community engagement and enable parents, teachers, and coaches to contribute ideas and efforts towards further enhancing the athletic experience for students! 

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The East Peoria Community High School Athletic Booster Club plays a pivotal role in supporting the school’s athletic programs. Through strategic planning, fundraisers, concession stand management, and various other avenues, the Booster Club consistently raises tens of thousands of dollars annually. These efforts directly benefit student-athletes by providing crucial support by covering expenses such as equipment, facility upgrades, and travel costs, ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed both on and off the field. 

Beyond financial support, the Booster Club fosters a sense of community and pride, bringing together parents, alumni, and supporters to rally behind the school’s athletic endeavors. Their commitment not only enhances the overall experience for student-athletes but also strengthens the bonds within the community. Whether it’s organizing events, securing sponsorships, or coordinating volunteers, the Booster Club’s efforts are instrumental in creating a positive and supportive environment where student-athletes can thrive.

The Booster Club serves as a cornerstone of East Peoria Community High School’s athletic program, and exemplifies the dedication and spirit of the East Peoria community.